Monday, December 11, 2006

Who are we

In their own words.....

Devlin, 8 year old wizard and lover of wild things. Believes that all people have good and bad in them and that sometimes they just cant open their hearts to get to the good.

Carol, Native of Louisivlle Ky where she has spent the last 15 years as an activist in Gay,Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender organizing, anti- racist work and economic justice, and as a cultural worker and musician.

Bob, 72 year old social justice activist. This is his third visit to Cuba.He is strongly imporessed by the country and especially the Cuban people. Bob is appalled at the ongoing blockade against Cuba and will try in his way to bring an end to the blockade. He goes this time in honour of his friend Henry Wallace who, he says "was a dear friend of mine, of Cuba and of the World"

Penny, Is going to Cuba to learn about their way of produce farming. She lives on a farm with many different types of animals where they recycle the animal wastes to replenish the soil. Penny plans to learn about the process from Cubans of how they are able to produce healthy crops to feed their country.

Shirley, She is 45 years old and this is her first time our of the United States. She wants to find out about life in Cuba. She is interested in Education and not using pesticides to grow food.

Carla has been working an movement building for justice and peace for over 30 years. Her work includes efforts on racial justice, International Solidarity and l/g/b/t human rights.

Jake is a grandson of Henry Wallace and a Cuba supporting Anarchist who lives in Louisville.

Shameka is 14 years old and wants to be a clothing designer. She likes cleaning and helping animals and hates being questioned!

Shameka (mother of Shameka!!) is a single mother of four attending college full time and working as an activist for Social Justice through Social Change. She feels this trip is almost impossible for people in her situation and she feels priveleged and honored to visit Cuba.

Allie is a daughter, a sister and friend of many wonderful people in Kentucky, hoping to do her part in improving the lives of the daughters,sisters and friends of Cuba and other nations around the World.

Beth is a 47 year old Mexican- American queer and a US Navy Veteran. She does HIV/AIDS work in Louisiville, Kentucky and is also active in doing social justice activism. This will be her third trip to Cuba.

Maria's family moved to the US from Argentina when she was 4 years old.Her parents taught her to apreciate diversity and give back to the community. She hopes to learn from this trip and to be able to educate her communiy about what is really going on in Cuba.

Carolyn is a 16 year old student and a recreational musician. She is hoping to gain an understanding of what Cuba's culture, people and government are really like, rather than being misled and misinformed by the impressions that the US governments actions and non-factual information make on her.

Beth has been involved in social activism since 1989 and currently directs a civil liberties organization in Kentucky. She is a former newspaper reporter who turned to social justice work after witnessing a variety of injustices and feeling the need to be more actively involved.

Howard is an African American male who has embraced the opportunity to go to Cuba to learn about a culture in which the people have learned to hold on to the virtues of available healthcare,education,food and housing for all, despite tremendous pressure not to do so.

Sonja is a social justice activist, a filmmaker and a mom of three incredible children. She lived in Cuba in the early 90's and has travelled there many times. The Cuban Revolution continues to inspire and challenge her in all its beauty, generosity and contradictions.

Jerry is a farmer and farm manager with an interest in organic farming and environmentalism. He was also a very dear and lifelong friend of Henry Wallace.

Caitlin Mcleod is 17 years old with a keen interest in theater and acting. Next year she hopes to attend either a University to study Drama or an Acting School. In travelling to Cuba she is very excited to learn more about its perfroming arts as well as its culture and political society. Caitlin is imensely proud to be part of such a delegation.

Bruce Mcleod is a teacher, screen writer and children's novelist. He is presently co-writing a film with Naomi Wallace called RUBBERTOWN, for the director Sonja de Vries.

Naomi Wallace is a playwright and screenwriter. Her work has been widely produced in both the UK and the United States. Her new play for Ators Theater of Louisivlle is about Environmental Justice in Louisiville.

Tegan McLeod is a high school student interested in literature and drama. She is looking forward to learning about the Cuban Revolution.

Stephon is a Hip Hop commentator. He wants to explore Hip Hop from other countries and see first hand the land where a small group of people overthrew the Batista government based off the Mao led Revolution in China. Also, he wants to experience a socialist country first hand.

Anne is a mother and grandmother, has been active in her community against racism and Police abuse. Anne has also been involved in theater, and taught school for many years.


Alve said...

Best wishes to you people, and thank you for pursuing in your purpose.

John M. said...

I find it appalling that you would try to indoctrinate a child into your political views at such a young age. It's nothing other than sheer abuse. How dare you use a little boy as a political tool. You offend me.