Friday, November 24, 2006

First Post

The Henry Wallace Brigade was initiated in honor of the late Henry F Wallace. Henry was a journalist, a civil rights and social justice activist and a supporter of the Cuban Revolution his entire life. Henry first went to Cuba as a journalist in the 1940's where he witnessed the brutal racism and inequality under a U.S. supported dictatorship. When Henry returned to Cuba in 1959 he was deeply impressed with the commitment the Cuban Revolution had toward eradicating racism,creating better living conditions for all, universal health care and education and the right to housing. He saw in Cuba an example of how to put human needs before profit.
Henry wrote letters to the editor about Cuba for over 40 years, always calling for an end to the U.S. Embargo of Cuba and the Travel restricitions that keep U.S. citizens from travelling to Cuba. Henry urged people to go and see Cuba for themselves and he made his final trip there in February of 2006, two months before he died. Now 21 Lousivillians are travelling to Cuba in Henry's honor to learn for ourselves about this country that he loved so much. When we return we will share our experiences with our communities. We know that Henry will be with us all the way.

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